Host City & Goa

GOA welcomes you for 2018 JCI World Congress 30th Oct – 3rd Nov

Stretches of endless silver sands and white surf beaches wetted by the rush of the 'azure' arabian sea,the reveling of late nights over the local feni brew, the tarvernas, white churches and temples resting against plush green padding fields and coconut trees, the nostalgic atmosphere, longer days of sun, sand and Sea, in other words Welcome to Goa

Goa, the smallest State of India, was a former Portuguese colony from 1510 to 1961. Popularly called as the 'Rome of the East', it is known for its rich cultural heritage, fine stretches of coastline, golden sandy beaches, astounding monuments, historical cathedrals and temples (most of them inscribed by UNESCO under the World Heritage list) , indoportuguese architecture, large Portuguese mansions, pleasant tropical weather, impressive forts, breathtaking waterfalls, friendly people, foot tapping music and dance, night bazaars, night club, wildlife sanctuaries, adventure sports, Scuba Diving, Para sailing, Cruises, Casinos…You name it & Goa has it…making it one of the most admired and visited tourist destination in the world, attracting millions of tourists every year.

A multi-ethnic state, the allure of this place is that it remains distinct from the rest of the other Indian states, and is yet small enough to get hold of and explore in a myriad of different ways. It's not just the familiar remnants of European colonialism that make Goa seem so accessible, but also its liberal culture which the inhabitants have adopted over the period of time.

Goans, as the people from Goa are known, have a unique lifestyle which reflects the perfect blending of the cultural influences that they have experienced over the centuries. By nature, Goans are warm, friendly, easy going and large hearted. They live life in style and at a leisurely pace. They are passionate about dance, music and art. Their attitude to life is best described by the word Susegad which means taking life at a relaxed pace and enjoy it to the fullest. This unique philosophy of life originates from the Portuguese word 'Sossegado' which literally means calm and peaceful. The people of Goa have taken that to heart, quite wholeheartedly while leading quiet and relaxed lives in their peaceful land .

The Goan cuisine is an interesting mix of varied influences. The long period of Portuguese rule, besides that of the Muslim and Hindu kingdoms, has left an indelible influence on the style of Goan cooking and his has led to an exotic mix of truly tasty and spicy cuisine. With over a hundred kilometers of coastline it's no shocker that fish and seafood are staples here and dominate a large part of the Menu. Restaurants, cafes and Bars are in abundance in Goa as it is a 365 day holiday destination.

So, Come, Experience the warmth of the sand, the sea, and its people…Come To Goa….Your destination for the 2018 JCI World Congress

Panjiim is the Host City

Panjim is the state capital of Goa and is popularly known as the seat of the Government. It houses the head offices of most business concerns and is also known as Panaji to many.

Panjim is located on the south bank of the wide Mandovi River and is one of India's smallest and pleasantest state capitals. It is connected to the mainland by bridges.One of the oldest cities in Goa, and has various tourists places to visit. Goa has been Portuguese Colony for 450 years. Its colonial impact can be seen in Panjim. It is the place where the first medical school of India was established. The Goa Medical College established in 1842 was also one of the oldest medical colleges in Asia, built by the Portuguese.

The Panjim town has preserved its Portuguese heritage remarkably well and parts of it still consist of narrow winding streets, old houses with over hanging balconies, red-tiled roofs and numerous small bars and cafe's.

Signs in Portuguese can still be seen over shops, cafe's and administrative buildings. Fontainhas, transfers you back into the Portuguese days since it has retained its old charm and character. Within the commercial heart of the city rises majestically, the white-washed 'Church of the Immaculate Conception' founded in 1540.



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