Premium Partner - JCIWC 2018

Message from our Platinum Partner

Dear JCI Members,

I am delighted to announce the partnership between Niine Sanitary Napkins and the Junior Chamber International India to tackle the taboos around menstruation amongest both genders and across all age groups, by encouraging menstrual hygiene awareness in india.

with JCI being an organization for young Active Citizens with nearly two lakh active members and millions of alumini spread across more than 11 countries ,our association will expand to nationwide grassroot events,workshops and campaigning with the view to expanding our association internationally.

Niine Movement has a five year plan to bring menstrual dignity to girls and women .with our partnership with JCI and the power of the youth,we are confident we can together achieve this vision and inspire the next generation to become leaders of change.

In the immediate term,before India marks its 75th Independence Day in 2022,our vision is to enable 75% of women in the country to use safe and hygienic sanitary napkins.It is currently at 18%,and to close this massive gap,I belive the next generation will be key .

Therefore our association can become not only a movement but a revolution.

Amar Tulsiyan
Founder Niine Movement 




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